Everyday there’s a highlight, videos of every fighting game news updated as soon as they appear.

Read that first please (or not), I’m going to explain what is inside it. Tab by tab and why I choose some ways and others.

  • HOME : of course the one you are reading! it explains a lot!
  • LAST NEWS : I’m not sure I have to explain this one but here I go, it’s the NEWS tab with every fighting games related news (games, artists, goodies, comics/mangas etc) as soon as I see them, for the only goal to share it with you, even if I know and you know that I probably take my sources from something that already exists, view it as an index.
  • REVIEWS : THE big thing, I explain, I have reviewed EVERY SINGLE fighting games existing! (or in the process of it) and made a pretty photoshop page that I moved to a JPEG one and added one or two videos explaining the game related. I do it by myself and I have a real life so don’t be mad, I do what I can do as a human being.

What I’m going to explain now is more about the REVIEWS themselves. You are going to read some mistakes because English is not my native language and I wanted to use an international language, that’s why. (report them to me, for me to correct them). Also I use random covers to present the games (JAP/NTSC/EU) there’s no reason about it, I felt it that way (even if Japanese covers are way better than others). To mention, something important, when I use dates or the supports of the games, I use the first date for the game and console (or arcade) .. NOT EVERY RELEASES AND PORTS.

After that, next point, you probably ask yourself why is there a mention to The Holy Book of Fighting Games? (did you?) Because at first I wanted to make a book .. so I wrote pretty handwritten letters to the 13th biggest companies that make Fighting Games (Capcom, Arc System Works, Bandai Namco, Nintendo and 9 others) Only Capcom and Nintendo answered positively (not to make the book, but to have news of the project) Konami said no and the others didn’t answer, so it was a BIG FLOP) I decided like a big boy to make a website about it and when the time will come I’ll make a book with no intentions to sell it but one for me and some for influent personalities of the #fgc. I understand their point, I asked very politely if I could use pictures of their games to modify them, make a book and sell it.

I also have a few explications left to give : I often put two or three different games on the same page so if, for example, you search for TWIN GODDESSES or SURVIVAL ARTS , they are on the same page, BUT I did two differents tabs (there is not always a lot to talk about some games) and I say it again I don’t go in depth with the games, I want to show you ALL OF THEM, I have to be concise.

How I rate? I don’t have categories to rate a game. It’s just how I felt about it, I can like/appreciate a game but giving it a poor 4 out of 10, why? because I liked it but it’s objectively not good by the graphics/gameplay/mechanics. Other times I will give a 3 out of 10 for a game said classic, again because with the nowadays standards, the game is crap, it doesn’t mean it was bad at the time BUT it does not answer to the new standards. Nevertheless all the 0 to 3 out of 10 are directly in the CRAP section. Hate it or love it.

I have a lot to do to be better and I work on it.

P.S: There are 3D/2D/2.5D/brawlers/arenas/platformers/party/weapon based/anime based/moba type etc I took them all, some choices could make you cringe, but well, I do what I do.