From December 26th to January 6th, an All-ages shop about Mai Shiranui opens in Tokyo, at the Akihabara Container.

You could stop by to do some shopping. ARE YOU THERE? I’M NOT! The great Mai Shiranui’s birthday is January 1st, 1974, she is … 46!! Hopefully for us she is always in her late twenties. This character is of course very sexy as you can see and does not have a special deep development but it goes through ages like Chun-Li did (most obvious reference) and still she’s alive and ready to kick you, again and again.

The poster for the event.

And OF COURSE, a great opportunity to sell goodies of all kind, from useless to less useless like a towel, a fan, badges, bag, posters, pins, acrylic stands, Iori Yagami noodles (WTF), and more. So very neat and precious for collectors. If you buy enough stock you have the tote bag I guess, it’s the minimum. Source on

For your eyes only, a little reminder of who she is and where she comes from.

Happy Birthday.

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