And the new character is Dant.. hum it’s Waluig.. well just joking, it’s Sor.. it’s BYLETH from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

So here we go, the new dlc character is Byleth, you can be he or she so it’s basically two fighters? A sword user, a Fire Emblem fighter, an other one, why not.. he/she can uses four different weapons, an axe, a sword, a spear and a bow. All that faerie comes with a new stage and music. For those who are familiar with Fire Emblem it’s a big win, for others it’s a blue haired fighter with a sword, a big meh. Wait and see at the next fighters pass.

Fans Aren’t Happy

It also adds if you want to pay an extra price outfits for mii fighters: from Assassin’s Creed, Cuphead, Megaman and Rabbids depending if Gunner or Swordfighter

And to finish that, to achieve us, a new fighter pass will of course be available, can’t say no to such an easy income of money.

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