January 28 will see the Joker in the roster of Mortal Kombat 11 … and The Batman Who Laughs as a skin for NOOB SAIBOT!!


The man loves his cane, he uses it a lot for bloody action, he uses some clown stuff like the famous gloves, little bombs, little music box, one very nice hand puppet with a gun inside who is Batman, really cool, he also can throw you a wheelchair (WTF) and a guy who’s coming at you with a bomb and of course explodes!! Revamp from its first appearance, he looks like a cartoon Joker but still, it’s a nice addition to the collection. It will be available January 28 for owners of the kombat pack and one week later for others.

Other thing are the new skins from DC that will come with it, Killer Kroc for Baraka, Katwoman for Kitana, Time Lord of Apokolips for Geras and .. !!! The Batman Who Laughs for NOOB!!! The better part in my opinion.


Friendships make a come back?!

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