A movie and an animated movie for Mortal Kombat

Big year for the franchise it seems! The first half of 2020 will see the animated movie, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s revenge. Some actors for some fighters are already known, and we wait and we hope something good about it.. Time will tell.

Then also the live action reboot is on its own way with a new logo and a date of something like September 15th, 2021. It has begun on January 15th. Perhaps better than others movies about Mortal Kombat, we hope to see fatalities and Mileena, sure that the twitter account will be full of it!

The countdown begins! 01/15/21 🐉 #MortalKombat pic.twitter.com/d8RREF3Tvd

— LudiLin (@ludi_lin) January 15, 2020

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