Those heroes from UDON are doing THOSES CUTIES for you to pre-order right now!!

Three enormous masterpieces of what artists, crazy artists from UDON can do and like every others Udon’s books, it will slap you very hard right in your teeth! Guaranteed.. Probably you will have art by usual guys/girls and some newcomers I guess, fiesta is coming.

  • Opus #1 is set for JULY’ 28
  • Opus #2 is due for AUGUST’ 25
  • Opus #3 is set for SEPTEMBER’ 29

And two others big books, they are on fire it seems, first on JUNE’ 23, The Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection, from the 2016-2019 Swimsuit Edition that you can own separately, if you don’t have any, everything is here. Also on its road the Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia – Arcade Edition HC available on APRIL’ 14 for those who want to know/discover/learn or simply enjoy the backgrounds of every characters of the Street Fighter lore and of course marvelous artworks of everyone.

You can pre-order those cuties on Amazon or every Udon related online shops.

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