Month: April 2020

Neo Geo 30th Anniversary on Switch?! with Gals’ fighters, on April 29.

“It’s been 30 years since the NeoGeo first launched on April 26, 1990! In celebration, we are proud to announce SNK Gals’ Fighters will be available to play on April 29 (PDT)! Also, more info on the Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection is coming soon–so stay tuned for more updates!”

Gals’ Fighters returns this week to celebrate Neo Geo 30th Anniversary

SNK Gals’ Fighters due out digitally on April 29 – Gematsu

Characters logos from Street Fighter 2?!

Back from 1992 on the internal style guide, that we can see some pages, thanks to the SFV director: Takayuki Nakayama

taka-nakayama sur Twitter : “塗り絵みたいな、北米版スタイルガイド。1992。style guide” / Twitter

Everybody has a logo it’s pretty nice but hopefully they changed the face of everyone, not a lot for some but for some like Vega (Balrog) we’re happy they did it, for Ryu and Ken too, oh and Chun-Li and the sad face of Sagat.. really impressive that 30 years after the beginning, there are sill little secrets like that!!