Month: May 2020

Street Fighter V Champion Edition will have one last season pass of five fighters.

Color EX09 for free for all 40 characters to all players.

Three new stages are also being planned.


Be a part of Street Fighter history and create your own costume design for Street Fighter V! Beginning now through July 21, you can submit your costume design for any of the 40 characters in Champion Edition. Two winners will be selected and the winning designs will be made available in the game.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Costume Design Contest! | CAPCOM:Shadaloo C.R.I.

Sample Costume Sketches from the SFV Dev Team


Street Fighter 5 Getting Five More Fighters – GameSpot

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition to receive final season of DLC content

Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection is on the road.

PC users getting it on June 11 via the Epic Games Store and June 18 via Steam. The EGS version will be free from June 11 to June 18, while console owners will be able to play it on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch on July 28.

What is more is it will be entirely free on the Epic Games Store from June 11th at 11am to June 18th, 11am (EDT) ! #StayHome #SNK #EpicGames #SamSho — SNK GLOBAL (@SNKPofficial) May 27, 2020

  • Samurai Shodown (1993)
  • Samurai Shodown II
  • Samurai Shodown III
  • Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge
  • Samurai Shodown V
  • Samurai Shodown V Special
  • Samurai Shodown V Perfect

Samurai Shodown released on the NeoGeo in 1993, followed by its sequel Samurai Shodown II in 1994, and the series became a trilogy in 1995 with Samurai Shodown III. Soon after Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge came in 1996, and seven years later Samurai Shodown V was released in 2003, with Samurai Shodown V Special releasing the following year in 2004. Never before released to the public, Samurai Shodown V Perfect is a mysterious final version of Samurai Shodown V that is the stuff of legends to SNK fans. Players can select between either Japanese or English MVS arcade versions for each title. Additionally, there are features such as scanlines for that retro flair, save functions, and arcade mode can even be set to “Free Mode” meaning no more game overs!


Over 2,000 files ranging from illustrations to classic tracks! Get ready to dive into the museum that’s overflowing with history.


Spirited duels with swordsmen all over the world!

Get paired up with warriors of a similar level with Ranked Match, or just blow some steam off on Casual Match. Invite your friends (or foes) for a beat-down in Challenge Friend. Take on Samurai Shodown fans across the world with the push of a button.


The music player boasts an impressive 200-plus track list.

Relive the excitement of the Samurai Shodown series by listening to its wonderful soundtracks. There are over 200 tracks to choose from spanning six titles in the Music Player found inside the museum.


Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection launches June 11 for PC via the Epic Games Store, June 18 via Steam, and July 28 for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch – Gematsu

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection, With Never Before Released Neo Geo Game, Will Be Free On Epic – GameSpot

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection Release Details Released – Hardcore Gamer

Udon’s StreetFighter Swimsuit Special 2020 Issue 1 Covers

Udon’s Street Fighter Swimsuit Special 2020 Issue 1 Covers Revealed

Udon Entertainment is preparing the Street Fighter Swimsuit Special 2020 issue #1, and the first part of that involves teasing people with the different sorts of covers they could collect. There will be six options for the issue, which will be available on August 19, 2020. However, one of those is the blank option where you can draw your own cover for the 32-page, full color special. As some have special limitations, you might need to shop online, directly through Udon, or get in touch with a retailer to ensure you get the cover that you would want.

The price for Street Fighter Swimsuit Special 2020 issue #1 varies, depending on which cover you get and where you go. For example, the limited edition covers available through the Udon online store are limited editions that are more expensive. For example, the standard Bride Cammy, which is an online-exclusive and was drawn by Rob “Robaato” Porter, is $20. The online-exclusive Shadaloo Bride Cammy variant is $50, because only 100 will be made. Likewise, the Groom Ryu and Groom Evil Ryu designs, both drawn by Absolum, are in a similar position. The former is $20 and the latter $50, with the latter only having 100 copies available.

Those who have Twitch Prime will have a lot of free SNK games.

SNK is bringing classics like King of Fighters and Metal Slug 2 to Twitch Prime for free

Twitch Primeにて『餓狼伝説SPECIAL』、『KOF 2002』などNEOGEOのゲーム7作品の無料配信が5月27日より開始! – ファミ通.com

The first of which will arrive on May 26. SNK promises “20+ free SNK titles throughout the summer,” with Art of Fighting 2, Blazing Star, Fatal Fury Special, King of Fighters 2000, King of Fighters 2002, Pulstar and Samurai Shodown II arriving first.

SNK is also teasing out other drops, which include some heavy hittersGarou: Mark of the Wolves, The Last Blade 2, Metal Slug 2, The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, Sengoku 3 and King of the MonstersKing of the Monsters?!

Season pass 3 for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Robert “RJ” James and Lauren Shiba and shown in silhouette, as Scorpina, a long-time villain in the Power Rangers mythos. The first content from this pass should drop towards the end of June, and in addition to the three extra fighters, anyone who buys it will also receive a new Phantom Beast King character skin for Dai Shi and a Samurai Megazord ultra.

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid–Season Pass 3 Is A Go-Go, And New Fighters Have Been Revealed – GameSpot

Capcom’s mini-games from April fools are free until the end of the year.


There is a rumor of a town full of interesting and unique cats. An aspiring professional cat lover such as myself could not ignore it, so I came to said town to check it out myself!

The World President Will Walk & Shoot

Eons ago, the power of the Hado was sealed inside of a demonic stone. A wizard took that stone and made it into cards. Countless warriors have been enchanted by its power, and for the past 500 years bloody battles have continued.

Put your knowledge to the test with the Street Fighter Quiz!

5 millions sales = 5 millions Zenis in DBFZ

From now until May 28, players who jump into the game will be awarded a massive 5 million Zeni, along with three lobby characters: Android 21 SPECIAL 01, Goku (SSGSS) SPECIAL 01, and Vegeta (SSGSS) SPECIAL 01.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Is Handing Out Free In-Game Money To Celebrate 5 Million Sales – GameSpot

ドラゴンボール ファイターズ | バンダイナムコエンターテインメント公式サイト

Meet Fujin

Fujin (風神) is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He made his debut in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero as a boss (although was never mentioned by name), and first became playable in Mortal Kombat 4.

Fujin is set to return as a DLC character in the Aftermath Story Mode DLC in Mortal Kombat 11, marking his return to the franchise as a playable character for the first time in almost 14 years.