“Developer’s Backyard” by Arc System Works about Guilty Gear -Strive- Closed Beta Test Survey

Guilty Gear: Strive – Developer’s Backyard Volume One – Gematsu

Everyone’s Favorite Fighting Games

95 percent of survey participants answered that they’ve played Guilty Gear games before. And 54.1 percent answered that Guilty Gear is their favorite fighting game franchise! We’re hoping that in addition to our Guilty Gear players, fans of other titles will also enjoy Guilty Gear: Strive!

Most Used Character

Everyone’s favorite anti-hero Sol Badguy takes the top spot as most used character during the closed beta test!

  1. Sol Badguy – 33 percent
  2. Ky Kiske – 24.5 percent
  3. May – 14 percent

Most Requested Character

This answer varied greatly between countries, so we’ll share the results for each area.


  1. Bridget
  2. Johnny
  3. Ramlethal

North America:

  1. Baiken
  2. Johnny
  3. Dizzy


  1. Baiken
  2. Johnny
  3. Dizzy


  1. Baiken
  2. Johnny
  3. Dizzy

Here are the evaluations for each aspect of Guilty Gear: Strive

Concern: The damage is too high

Concern: There are Fewer Gatling Combo Routes

Concern: The 3D Camera Movement Disrupts the Game Pace

Concern: The User Interface (UI) During Matches

Concern: The Online Lobby System has Errors

Concern: The UI Design

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