Month: September 2020

Kunimitsu Joins Tekken 7

Kunimitsu Joins Tekken 7 Game as Part of 4th Season Pass – News – Anime News Network

Battle balance updates, new moves for all characters, Tekken Prowess, and online play enhancements, that is coming soon. Real soon, this next spring. Kunimitsu is a very enigmatic character, speaking few words and revealing little of her personality. However, it can be deduced from her actions when she part of the Manji Clan that she is a cold, selfish person with a greed for riches and valuables. Despite this, Kunimitsu does not seem to be completely heartless, as she seems to have a fondness for her grandfather who, in turn, was welcoming to her after she returned from her time spent with the Manji Clan. It is implied that her daughter looks up to her, as her daughter goes after Yoshimitsu after learning of Kunimitsu’s pursuit of his sword long ago.

Kunimitsu | Tekken Wiki | Fandom

Megaton-kyū Musashi’s robot action RPG with multiplayer features is coming around.

Old 2016 project from Level5 that was supposed to tell a story from various points of view, in different kind of medias (animes, games etc)

Megaton Musashi Game’s TGS 2020 Trailer Streamed – News – Anime News Network

The story takes place after 90 percent of humanity wiped out due to an invasion. Survivors live in a shelter where their lives are monitored, and memories of the invasion erased. Three teenagers from the shelter are chosen to pilot three machines that combine to form the Musashi robot, made out of a material named Megatronium alloy. The series will balance robot action with school life.

Scorpina announced for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

““GO Putty Patrol! ATTACK THE POWER RANGERS!”” ―Scorpina’s first words during the warehouse fight scene after her hand blast had no effect on the Rangers.

Scorpina was one of Rita Repulsa‘s most ruthless and dangerous minions, besides Goldar, whom she frequently fought alongside. Scorpina later returned in Power Rangers HyperForce as one of The Alliance’s main generals.

In spite of her minor villain role, she serves as the main antagonist of the episodes “The Rockstar,” “A Star is Born.” and “Goldar’s Vice-Versa” as well as the comic “Soul of the Dragon.”

Gigabash – Gigaman Reveal Trailer

The symbol of hope returns, bringing along a bit of… extra weight after 8 years of retirement!

He is a once-mighty hero who has emerged from retirement to kick kaiju keister. Although he has seen better days, he has managed to retain his acrobatic skills, pulling off cartwheels, flying kicks, dive kicks, somersaults and tornado kicks.

First DLC character of GF:V’s second season, Belial is here.

The fallen angel of cunning plays fast and loose with his tongue, condemning the world at one moment, extolling the sanctity of life the next. Watch him run his fingers down the supple stem of a flower, snap it in twain, and waltz across a stage garnished with skydwellers’ viscera. Look into the abyss of his heart, and what does one find? A feeling of insecure narcissism, or is it altruistic benevolence?

Available exclusively on Nintendo eShop, Nintendo confirms after the yesterday’s leak, the launch of Kirby Fighters 2 Game for Switch.

Nintendo went all-in with the new Smash Bros.

Choose from a cast of Kirby’s most iconic copy abilities—including the brand-new Wrestler ability—and duke it out to be the last Kirby standing. Familiar friends and foes like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede also make an appearance as playable characters in the Kirby Fighters 2 game, available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch™ system.