After Udon x Capcom Sketchbook Alpha, now it’s Udon x Capcom Sketchbook Beta’s turn.

udon x capcom sketchbook beta – UDON Entertainment

The Cammy and Felicia covers are the ones that might be easier to acquire. Each one was drawn by Omar Dogan and is available for $30 through Udon. However, if people pick up both at once, which lets you display them as one continuous piece of art, the pair will be $50.

The Morrigan design is far more exclusive. It has a Rob “Robaato” Porter, which has the Udon x Capcom Sketchbook Beta title on the front and an unmarked version of the cover on the back for display purposes. Only 150 will be made and sold. As such, the price is $50.

Udon x Capcom Sketchbook Beta Covers Feature Cammy, Felicia, and Morrigan – Siliconera

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