November 17 on PS4 and PS5, also X box series X, kombat pack 2 for Mortal Kombat 11 and the Ultimate version of the game.

So it’s Kombat pack 2 for you guys, bringing us long awaited Mileena, rain and not wanted at all John Rambo, I understand the joke of 90s action heroes but it’s enough now.. after Roboflop and Flopinator.. now John Flopbo, at least bring John McLane ?!

It has now a hundred versions of the game, the base game, the Kombat Pack 1, The aftermath one with the game + KP1 and the sextension of the story, the KP2 and The Ultimate version with everything inside.. Fuck you, I won’t buy the game ten times. Jokes are good for a time but it isn’t funnier the 35th times..

Pre-order will bring you new skins..

Free upgrades for new generation of consoles and krossplay between them, I don’t play the game anymore, I won’t play it on PS5 neither. I’ll wait for the 12th MK instead, even if it has enhanced visuals and dynamic 4K resolution upgrades. Well perhaps I’ll try it but..

a sweet Kollector for EU only

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