Fraymakers, the Infinitely Replayable Indie Platform Fighter is available through Kickstarter now

Fraymakers, the Infinitely Replayable Indie Platform Fighter by McLeodGaming — Kickstarter

Fraymakers is a full-featured modular platform fighter from McLeodGaming, the creators of Super Smash Flash 2, the most popular Smash Bros. fangame on PC. It features a main cast of beautifully sprited and hand-animated characters, detailed stages from their worlds, and a massive selection of assists from a broad selection of indie titles!

We’ve spared no detail or expense: the members of our playable cast feature full platform fighter movesets with no cut corners (that’s over 80 high-resolution custom animations per character!). We even developed our own rollback netcode implementation for the best possible online multiplayer experience. We’re making the game we’ve always wanted to play: the ultimate celebration of everything that we love about the indie game community and everything we’ve learned from over 13 years of making platform fighters!

If that’s not enough for you, Fraymakers will be released simultaneously with FrayTools, the robust custom tool we’re using to build the core content of the game itself, at no extra charge! Using FrayTools, not only can you build your own characters, you can also create assists, stages, menus, modes and more using a program that’s designed to make the experience as efficient, user-friendly and versatile as possible. Your options for new gameplay experiences are limited only by your imagination…or for the less creatively inclined, by your download speed.

Fraymakers currently has six playable characters revealed with more available through stretch goals with Welltaro (Downwell), Orcane (Rivals of Aether), Ultra Fishbunjin 3000 (Slap City), The Watcher (Slay the Spire), Octodad and CommanderVideo (BIT.TRIP series).

The game will also feature assist characters that pull from even more indie titles including Aine (Renaine), Captain Viridian (VVVVVV), Josef (Machinarium), Peppino (Pizza Tower), Lea (CrossCode), the Bard (Wandersong), Nikandreos (Apotheon), the Ape (Ape Out), the Shopkeeper (Downwell), Rockman (FTL: Faster Than Light), Tankman (Newgrounds), Lady Luck (Dicey Dungeons), the Silent (Slay the Spire), Fancy Pants Man (Fancy Pants), the Kid (I Wanna Be the Guy), Pizza (Chicory), Birthday (King of the Hat), and Diogenes (Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy).

Until December, 17.

Super Smash Flash 2 developers launch Kickstarter for own crossover platform fighter with Octodad, Rivals of Aether, Slap City characters and more

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