Meitenkun gameplay trailer for The King of Fighters XV #kof15 #kofXV #snk


Meitenkun is a sleepy young fighter who is always seen holding a pillow. Along with Shun’ei, he trained under Tung Fu Rue. He helps Shun’ei against Verse.


Meitenkun is a heavy sleeper who is very carefree and calm. He rarely exerts himself, often preferring to nap instead. Tung and Shun’ei consider him an exceptional fighter, but their praise doesn’t appear to go to his head. Whether this is due to cockiness or laziness is unknown; not much fazes his relaxed exterior.

Despite his behavior, he cares deeply for his master and best friend. He’s a brilliant strong fighter and often wins, as Shun’ei notes after losing to Meitenkun many times.


  • Ergokinesis: Meitenkun has an incredible power of energy, that he uses when gathering chi energy from Gaia.
    • Sleeping technique: Meitenkun’s sleeping technique has given him strong control over chi, even stronger than that of his master.
    • Energy Pillow: Meitenkun can infuse chi into his pillow for a projectile attack.
  • Multiple Kicks – Meitenkun can perform multiple kicks in succession as seen in his Ressenkyaku.
  • Superhuman strength: It is believed that brain limits most humans to using only 30% of their full strength but by making his brain fall asleep, Meitenkun can make use of 100% of his full strength.

Meitenkun gameplay trailer for King of Fighters 15 revealed

The King of Fighters XV Meitenkun trailer, screenshots – Gematsu

『KOF15』明天君のキャラクタートレーラーが公開。いつも眠そうに枕を抱える“八極眠眠拳”の使い手 – ファミ通.com

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The King of Fighters 15 : Meitenkun, la panne de réveil – Actu – Gamekult

Meitenkun | SNK Wiki | Fandom

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