The King of Fighters XV #Shermie trailer #kofXV

The King of Fighters XV Shermie trailer, screenshots – Gematsu

Shermie Is Tossing Her Opponents Around in Her KOF XV Trailer

Shermie announced for The King of Fighters 15

The true origins of the Orochi fighter known as Shermie are shrouded in mystery. She, along with Yashiro Nanakase and Chris formed a music band called “CYS” (based on the first letter of the name of each member), where Shermie played the keyboard. They enter the KOF ’97 tournament due to Yashiro’s grudge against rival musician, Iori Yagami. Though originally not qualified for the tournament due to deciding to enter after the preliminaries were already over, the trio had succeeded in still getting in by individually assaulting and defeating each member of the qualified American Sports Team (Heavy D!, Lucky Glauber, and Brian Battler) while stealing their invitations from within the process. When Shermie remembers her duties as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, she, along with Yashiro and Chris uses the tournament in order to gather enough power from the fighters so that the trio themselves can help awaken Orochi from its long dormant sleep. Near the end of the tournament, both Yashiro and Shermie commit suicide in order to transfer their remaining energy into Chris and because of this, Orochi is able to return to the world while using Chris’ body as the host, but Orochi itself is re-sealed again by the Three Sacred Treasures: Kyo, Iori, and Chizuru.

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