#Rose gameplay trailer + costumes for #sfvce

Street Fighter V’s Rose arrives today, gets new gameplay trailer – VideoGamer.com

Here’s everything you need to get started with Rose’s launch in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

New Street Fighter V Rose Gameplay Trailer Reveals Costume Options

Street Fighter 5 Rose Gameplay Trailer Releases Ahead of Launch

To get the character as soon as she’s available, players will need to have already purchased either the Season 5 Character Pass or Premium Pass, which can be bought for $24.99 or $39.99 USD respectively.

Those looking to pick up Rose à la carte are going to need to pay $5.99 or use 100,000 Fight Money within SF5 once servers are back online.

Rose is the second DLC character in the Season 5 roster. Back in February, Dan was added as Season 5’s first pick, while Oro and Akira were announced in April as the upcoming fighters this season.

An Italian tarot fortune teller, many of Rose’s moves center around her ability to control Soul Power. As seen in the trailer, her iconic Soul Illusion from Street Fighter Alpha makes a return as a V-Trigger move in Street Fighter V. A newer addition is the Soul Fortune move, which allows players to buff themselves and debuff enemies to various effects.

The fortune teller arrives with a wealth of moves at her disposal, including V-Skill I ‘Soul Fortune’ that can give her buffs or debuff opponents, or her V-Trigger I ‘Soul Dimension’ that allows her to teleport around the arena.

Her other V-Skills include ‘Soul Satellite’ that allows her to summon orbs that can negate projectile hits and defend her, while V-Trigger II ‘Soul Illusion’ will summon a mirror image that performs the same commands as her and offers her foes double trouble.

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