#Skullgirls 2nd Encore – Umbrella Teaser Trailer

Umbrella | Skullgirls Wiki | Fandom


Umbrella is the younger of the two Canopy princesses. She is somewhat of a carefree, albeit spoiled child. Her older sister is Parasoul. Their mother was the Skullgirl seven years ago. Umbrella is drawn into the current conflict by a familiar presence. She has grown up sheltered from the full circumstances surrounding her mother’s death. What effect will the truth have on her?

One strange detail about Umbrella is that some say she bears a resemblance to Peacock. Marie said “she reminds me of an old friend” in Parasoul’s story. It is possible that she may have been referring to someone else, but Peacock is the only one who has been shown to have a history with Marie.

Playstyle Speculation

Umbrella’s fighting style relies heavily on her living weapon, Hungern, and its insatiable appetite. Its power increases the longer it is not used to attack, forcing players to choose between using Hungern to end special moves for extra advantages throughout the match and letting his hunger build up for more damage later.

Hungern takes on the shapes of various nightmarish mouths as it tries to consume the enemy, ranging from horse heads to anemones. Expect lots of teeth! Some of its attacks may have a bit of a Takashi Murakami vibe to them. In addition to its biting and grabbing attacks, Hungern can also be opened like a regular umbrella, allowing Umbrella to float in the air for certain attacks.

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