Failed #kickstarter is now back with #Aksys Games, the name is Blazing Strike

Blazing Strike is a retro style pixel art based 2D fighter inspired by arcade fighters from the golden days, like Super SF 2 Turbo, SF 3 3rd Strike, CVS series, KOF series, Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Dark Stalkers, so on and so on. While capturing many of the classic fighting game mechanics to the game, Blazing Strike also brings a unique game system, which introduces a number of new and unique set of game mechanics. Blazing Strike aspires to make fighting game enjoyable for all gamers regardless of their experience in the fighting game genre. Let’s bring back the nostalgia from the 90s and make it fun to

play today!

Blazing Strike is a new 2D fighting game coming in 2022

Blazing Strike – 2D Fighting Game (Canceled)

A modern take on a classic pixel art style 2D fighting game with unique mechanics (PS4, Switch, and Steam)

Wait and see.

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