#ArcSystemWorks will sell art from #ggstrive in Japan

アークシステムワークス、複製画シリーズ「ARC SYSTEM WORKS Art Archives」始動! – GAME Watch

Arc System Works Will Sell Framed Guilty Gear Art in Japan

【直筆サイン入り】ARC SYSTEM WORKS Art Archives | SHIBUY…

The Japanese game publisher will work with Dai Nippon Printing to produce quality prints using the latter’s Primo Art technology. It uses 10-color ink to print digital art with higher color accuracy. Arc System Works will sell these arts at 33,000 yen (~$300).

They will deliver the finished products based on the purchasing order from late August 2021 to September 2021.

Pre-orders of the items are available through the Shibuya Tsutaya Online Shop. However, the Japanese webpage explicitly stated in English that “no overseas shipping is available.”

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