Goldlewis Dickinson is the first DLC coming fo #ggstrive, July 27

Goldlewis Dickinson announced as Guilty Gear Strive’s first DLC character releasing July 27

Goldlewis Dickinson | Guilty Gear Wiki | Fandom

First Guilty Gear Strive DLC Character is Goldlewis Dickinson | TechRaptor

Goldlewis Dickinson is Guilty Gear Strive’s first DLC character, launches July 27 | Dot Esports


Guilty Gear Strive launched just over a month ago, but the momentum of the fighting game’s incredible release isn’t going to stop with the announcement of Guilty Gear Strive DLC Season Pass 1’s first character.

Goldlewis Dickinson is the first new DLC character arriving to Guilty Gear Strive, available with Season Pass 1. While Arc System’s latest is filled with plenty of veterans like Sol Badguy and Faust, newcomers are abound as well. Goldlewis Dickinson is one such newcomer to Guilty Gear Strive, featured as the United States of America’s Secretary of Defense.

This burly, bearded politician is both an active-duty soldier and public servant. In his role as a fighter in Guilty Gear Strive, he’s certainly portraying his skills in battle. In the recently released trailer for Goldlewis Dickinson, we see that he uses a supernatural coffin as his main ability combined with “unparalleled brute strength.” He swings this coffin around like a giant maul and, upon being opened, a spectral hand reaches out. He also has a minigun that he single-handedly uses to spray bullets at enemy fighters.

With three out of five stars for his ease of use, he seems like a character players shouldn’t have too much of a grasp getting the hang of. If you want to find out more about his lore, be sure to check out the official character page, up now on Guilty Gear Strive’s official website. You can also see Goldlewis Dickinson in action in the trailer below.

Goldlewis Dickinson is a supporting character who makes his debut on Guilty Gear -Strive-. He is the right hand of president Colin Vernon and formerly of Erica Bartholomew.

Goldlewis appears to be a rather old man, having white hair and a thick beard, wearing a pair of glasses with the left side blacked out with a set of lips, silver bolts and small text on it.

He is a large, wide-set man. He wears pale brown military-style jacket laden with badges on the arms, a pale shirt with stars on the collar, a deer skull necklace, brown cowboy-style chaps, a yellow tie, pale brown gloves with horseshoes on the tops and thick boots.

Playing as a rather heavy character, Goldlewis uses his various weaponry, including the coffin, to slam his opponents with damage. Many of his moves have long windups, which will likely leave him wide open for four counters if you can avoid one of his bigger attacks… except for the one where he calls down a giant ladder from a satellite. 

As many suspected, the president of the United States’ right-hand man is jumping into action to swing around his mysterious coffin and apparently call down giant satellite lasers from the sky.

He’s also joined in battle by some mysterious creature, who is more than likely an alien considering the coffin it resides in has an Area 51 and extraterrestrial label on it, but the trailer only shows off a hand(s) coming out from within thus far.

Dickinson’s gameplay style appears to be that of a heavy brawler who also has some setplay thanks to the extra toys he brings into battle.

Tossing out the coffin appears to cause something of a guard crush state like we’ve seen from Potemkin, and the alien can send out flying bombs or throw its own punches in support of the secretary of defense.

Or Goldlewis can just pull out a minigun and shoot you from full screen.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of his gameplay, outside of the whole alien thing, is the Overdrive shown where he shoots a laser from his eyepatch onto the opponent which calls down an orbital strike that causes a ton of block stun and seemingly pulls May towards him.

How he could use that giant laser in a combo remains to be seen considering it has almost two full seconds of startup before coming down though it looks quite deadly if it ends up making full contact.

Along with Goldlewis’ reveal, ArcSys has also detailed its roadmap for Season Pass One. The next character will be revealed and likely released in August, potentially to coincide with the Evo Online 2021 event for GGST. One other character is also scheduled to be revealed and released in 2021, though that fighter doesn’t have a timeframe outside of later this year. 

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