#StreetFighter: Duel looks lame as hell BUT the art of it is fantastic

lame as fuck

Mobile games based on popular fighting game franchises have found some success in recent years with titles like The King of Fighters All-star making the rounds, and there will soon be a new title to check out.

During the North America East event for the Capcom Pro Tour, Capcom announced Street Fighter: Duel will soon see a worldwide release.

Street Fighter: Duel first released last year exclusively in China from Topjoy and Tencent Games though it won’t be trapped in the region for much longer.

Players can create teams of three world warriors to take on waves of enemies or other teams with their own special abilities and roles from the Street Fighter series.

Beyond the roster of around 30 Street Fighter staples, there also appears to be some original characters added to the mix, and we’ve added the profiles of a few in the gallery.

Though Duel gained notoriety for its street fashion designs of the world warriors, the characters themselves use their Street Fighter 4 costumes by default.

No release date for the global version of Street Fighter: Duel was given in the announcement, so we’ll need to wait a bit longer to learn when it’ll be available outside of China.

Fashion warriors rise up, Street Fighter: Duel is receiving a worldwide release

First gameplay shown off for Street Fighter: Duel mobile title and it looks about as confusing as you expect

Which of the awesome Street Fighter: Duel street fashion designs should become real Street Fighter 5 costumes?

The world warriors go from Street Fighter to street fashion in these hip artwork makeovers from Street Fighter: Duel

Which Street Fighter: Duel designs should be costumes in Street Fighter 5?

1. Crime Boss M. Bison: 163 votes / 19.7%
2. Alex Overalls Cammy: 104 votes / 12.6%
3. Puffy Coat Sakura: 93 votes / 11.3%
4. Fuzzy Jacket Chun-Li : 87 votes / 10.5%
5. Open Coat Vega: 68 votes / 8.2%
6. Skater Dude Ken: 63 votes / 7.6%
7. Traditionally Fashionable Akuma: 63 votes / 7.6%
8. Half Robe Dhalsim: 51 votes / 6.2%
9. Hip Fighter Ryu: 48 votes / 5.8%
10. Sumo Star E. Honda: 43 votes / 5.2%
11. Muscle Shirt Guile: 29 votes / 3.5%
12. Tank Top Blanka: 14 votes / 1.7%

Total votes: 826

Voting has closed

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