Oro has its gameplay trailer now #SFVCE

Oro finally gets his full trailer for Street Fighter 5 showcasing more wild combo options, his V-Shift Break, V-Reversal and victory screen

Oro (Street Fighter) – Wikipedia

Oro | Street Fighter Wiki | Fandom


Oro is an ancient hermit who has thin black hair, golden skin, crimson eyes that glow light blue during battle and is barefoot. His only prominent article of clothing is a large single torn red tarp-like cloth, belted with a rope and appears to be like a kesaya or chiton like robe draped over his left shoulder and tied at a knot. A magic spell binds one of his arms and he normally fights one-handed, but he can dispel its effects and pull out the other arm at any time. Standing at 5′ 3″ (161 cm), Oro is the shortest playable male character in the Street Fighter series.

In Street Fighter V, Oro’s outfit is purple and the robe has a single long sleeve to show his right hand.

His first alternate costume in Street Fighter V has him wearing a modern outfit consisting of a sky blue cloud printed-theme short-sleeved button shirt with white swan designs, white shorts and white sandals with brown straps. He also has sunglasses with a red trim that sticks out the collar of his shirt. The outfit is reminiscent of Dragon Ball’s Master Roshi, an eccentric elderly hermit with a weakness for young women associated with turtles, similar to Oro.

His second alternate costume is that of a Japanese warlock consist of gray furred Japanese vest being tied in a yellow belt sash, with a blue gray short sleeved kimono shirt that reaches below the knee, he also wore both handwraps and footwraps and a geta with open straps.

Oro is revealed to have a white fundoshi beneath his outfits whenever he stands up and ready to fight.


Unusual for a hermit (and the oldest known character in the series, maybe with the exception of Necalli, being over 130 years old), Oro has a casual and eased disposition with a lighthearted wile and whimsy. He also possesses a witty insight and a humbling sense of humor and wisdom. His hobbies include touring and leading people through the Amazon, and he enjoys the company of his pets.

Oro’s quotes in SFIII hint that in his younger days, he was once a devoted and spirited warrior like Ryu, with the pride of a champion akin to Dudley, though his pride also seemed to have got him into trouble, and may be responsible for him becoming a hermit. Oro is also considerably modest, only considering himself a novice of his style.

Oro is not without a sense of justice or a need to humble those extremely proud and boastful of their talents, such as Urien. In addition, in his conversation before his duel with Akuma, Oro was visibly concerned as to how a violent; disturbingly aggressive individual expressed themselves as the “master of the fist”, and was eager to show him how truly distant the path to mastery really was. However, he considers himself beyond the labels of good and evil, and believes that the next generation should be the one to take action against beings of great power.

Due to his amazing abilities, Oro naturally enjoys fighting against strong opponents, and finds those lacking exceptional aptitude and refinement boring, though he also does enjoy the simpler comforts of life, and often searches for ways to pass the time.

Oro has also a small weakness for women. When Ibuki fights him as a test to pass her school graduation exam, Oro was disappointed at first because he thought she was asking him for a date. Truthfully, Oro’s ideal woman is one with an older and mature disposition.

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