Adam Park, Poisandra and Rita Repulsa are part of the season 4 of Power Rangers: Battle for the grid.

Adam Park was the second Black Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as well as Zeo Ranger IV Green of the Zeo Rangers and briefly, the first Green Turbo Ranger of the Turbo Rangers and the second-in-command to Tommy Oliver of the Turbo Rangers.

Poisandra is one of the four main warriors serving Sledge, and the only female among them, who is also his marriage-obsessed bride. After Sledge’s defeat, she serves under Snide and Heckyl. Poisandra, alongside Curio, seemingly lowers in rank, having lost the perks and privileges she once held with Sledge.

Rita Repulsa is a fictional character from the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and the principal nemesis and archenemy of the main superheroes in the show’s first season.

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