Hey I’m late.. want to look at some nice action by martial artists? Here you go.

Gemma and Yoshi are back recreating moves from dare I say one of the BEST games to be released in the last decade? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! With fan favorites including Captain Falcon, Lucario, Wii Fit Trainer, and of course Mario. Watch the moment Gemma learns Zelda is a girl and Yoshi mistakes Bulbasaur for Ivysaur (rookie mistake). What do you think of today’s video? Would you be interested in a second part with even more of the game’s roster? Make your voice heard in the comments below. This fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, combines Nintendo characters with those from third-party franchises to get them to fight each other in an arena. The game’s characters each possess a powerful Final Smash attack, which may be activated through obtaining Smash Balls or by filling up special meters.

Yoshi and Gemma are taking a look at some of the moves from Injustice 2. They’ll give you feedback on superheroes like Batman and The Flash… and on villains like Bane and The Joker. Our two experts might not be able to fly, shoot laser beams out of their eyes or lightning from their hands, but they CAN recreate the moves of some seriously acrobatic characters! From judo moves to “people’s elbow,” cartwheels, butterfly kicks, and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle team-up attack, these two can recreate any move that’s humanly and physically possible. And, for the first time, Gemma’s even brought her own nunchucks to show off some impressive and juicy combo moves.

Noah and Gemma return to recreate the crazy moves from Street Fighter V!

Noah and Gemma return to recreate the crazy moves from Tekken 7!

You already saw Noah and Gemma react to Mortal Kombat 11, but now watch them recreate the moves from this epic fighting game! From Johnny Cage to Frost, these guys tackle a bunch of moves from characters in the MK11 roster. How well did they do?

Gemma and Noah are back at Mortal Kombat 11 after their first try almost a year later, this time to recreate some of the most iconic (and realistic) 3-hit combos from 15 of the most popular characters in the series. From 7 first game OGs — including Raiden and Sub-Zero — to new guest

For this third episode of Experts Try focused on Mortal Kombat 11, Gemma and Noah requested more challenging moves to recreate… and this time, we decided to really test their skills! From Liu Kang’s bicycle kick to Sindel’s booty attack, we’re giving them the best moves of these characters — at least, insofar as they’re physically possible — and seeing just how far our experts can take things. Will they be able to recreate all of the 15 moves we’ve chosen? If they can, you can bet we’ll be pushing the difficulty levels up for the next one!

Welcome back to another Experts Try episode with Gemma and Yoshi recreating more incredible moves from Mortal Kombat 11! We have some iconic MK11 characters including Robocop, Sub Zero, and The Joker in this one, all with their insane and twisted moveset. Learn how when you’re down a staff for a move, improvise with a person, and that not all fighting stances are that practical *cough* Mileena *cough* Let us know what you thought down below and drop who your favorite Mortal Kombat 11 champion is!

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