Kukri revealed for The King of Fighters XV

At first glance, Kukri comes off as a very rude, foul-mouthed, arrogant and sadistic fighter that also sports a bit of an openly perverted affection for women; much of his other interests however, are kept under the shadows and are comically speculated by others.

However, in certain teams’ cutscenes and his team ending, it’s shown that Kukri is very observant and seems to have a helpful side in him, helping Elisabeth locate Ash’s whereabouts when he is brought back to life.

Kukri has the power of sand in order to trick, attack, and defend against his opponent(s).


Sand Manipulation – Kukri can stun his opponents with sand, through heavy attacks and mountains of the natural element.

Parallel Universe Creation – Kukri can create a parallel universe, out of reality.

Fighting Style

Hot Sand Assassin’s Fist – It consists of handling sand to attack. Kukri acquired the skill in North Africa (possibly in Egypt).

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