Street Fighter V: Cyber Akuma (Gouki) costume trailer

September 21th. I know.

This is a list of quotes used by Cyber-Akuma.

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

  • I bring the chaos of death to all…
  • I’ve been remade with real power!
  • Kill… Destroy… That’s all I know…
  • My creator wants you dead. It is done…
  • My new destiny is to serve and annihilate!
  • There can be only destruction with me…
  • There is no greater power than me…
  • Your destruction is all that mattered!

Cyber-Akuma, known in Japan as Mech-Gouki, is a video game character originating from the Marvel vs. Capcom series, first appearing in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter as the final boss. He is a cyborg version of Akuma under control of Apocalypse.


Mechanically enhanced by Apocalypse, Cyber-Akuma’s upgrades include a mechanical right arm (dubbed “Booster Rocket”), metal wings, and four extra arms that are only seen in one of his win poses.


Because of Apocalypse’s control over him, Cyber-Akuma’s personality is vastly different from that of the original Akuma’s, being more servile (as reflected in his win quotes).

Other Appearances

Street Fighter UDON comics

Cyber-Akuma appears in the backup story of Street Fighter Unlimited #10, where he battles Ken alongside other non-canon characters Mech-Zangief and Zero Akuma. The story’s ending reveals that the whole thing was actually an unreleased video game (inspired by Street Fighter 2010) being played by Mel Masters while Ken and Eliza watch.

Street Fighter V

Cyber-Akuma appears as an alternate costume for Akuma. Rather than constantly showing his wings, Cyber-Akuma instead has them withdrawn into his back, only appearing during certain attacks, likely as a way of keeping the silhouette readable in competitive play.

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