Street Fighter V: Ruby Heart Rose Costume Trailer, worth it!!

Ruby Heart is a French-speaking pirate captain with a prominent reputation across all seven seas. Traveling across the world with her crew onboard a flying ship known as “Partenaire”[note 1], she’s always on the lookout for objects with hidden magical powers to add to her personal collection. In battle, she can be seen manipulating several of these objects, which includes a water-manipulating book and a haunted chest containing hostile ghosts. She’s also good at hand-to-hand combat and employs weapons like anchors, sabers and a whip.

While seeking out a way to steal the fabled “Armor of Erosion” from ancient times, Ruby Heart sees herself involved in the crisis brought about by Abyss‘ awakening and its devastating effects on the land. Unable to defeat Abyss alone, Ruby assembles the strongest heroes from the Marvel and Capcom universes. After Abyss’ defeat, the heroes take a travel back on Ruby’s ship, as she inspects Abyss’s core, its true form. She briefly contemplates adding it to her collection, but seeing it has been cracked and is now devoid of power, she finds it worthless and cast it into the seas below.

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ruby Heart makes a cameo in the Days of Future Past stage, featured in a giant wanted poster on the background, with an “Apprehended” bar over her mugshot.

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