Coins for Street Fighter II 30th Anniversary Series and Street Fighter Characters Bullion Series are available and expensive.

2021 Street Fighter Coins – LPM Exclusive New Releases

Buy Street Fighter II | LPM

While the pre-order prices actually fluctuate depending on the price of the precious metals on the market, the most expensive pieces of currency are currently $19,854 HK ($2,550 USD) for the number one certificate of authenticity.

Gold coins without the certificate are around $16,335 HK ($2,100 USD) with only 50 being produced total in gold.

Luckily, silver is much more reasonably priced at $239 HK ($30 USD) with a production of 5,000, so Street Fighter mega fans can still get their hands on one without breaking the bank.

Oddly, these coins are also apparently official currency for the country of Fiji at $10 for gold or 50 cents for silver though I don’t know why you’d ever want to spend one.

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