Daigo vs. Tokido SFV in stop motion.


The Ryu mirror match that took place between BST|Daigo Umehara and Rohto|Tokido during Red Bull Kumite 2016 was one to remember for Street Fighter 5 fans. Back then, Ryu was considered to be a top tier. Even Tokido used Ryu as his main in 2016 as Akuma wasn’t a playable character at the time.

To celebrate this epic match and to highlight that Red Bull Kumite 2021 will be kicking off on November 13-14, Red Bull Gaming has teamed up with counter656 to recreate the feeling of watching that match up play out. Thanks to the incredibly talented counter656, we can now observe Ryu taking on Ryu in this epic new stop-motion animation.

As one might expect, this ended up requiring a lot of work on the part of counter656. To create this animation, it required 30 days to build, shoot and edit the stop-motion battle.

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