Falcon costume from Power Stone in SFVCE available for Ken

Hailing from the town of Londo, Edward Falcon is the scion of the prestigious Falcon family and an adventurer that circles the world in his beloved “Hockenheim” airplane, searching for the Power Stones revealed in an ancient family legend. With a strong sense of justice, he specializes in boxing and vanquishes evil with sharp moves and explosive punches.

In his ending, “Endless Adventure”, Falcon finally finds the Power Stone in Avalon Is., but the place begins to collapse. His father Pride rescues him with his plane, but Falcon accidentally drops the stone and blames his father’s “lousy piloting” for it. Falcon swears that one day he will return and obtain the Power Stone again.

In Power Stone 2, Falcon was in a transatlantic journey to Londo with the Hockenheim when a sudden thunderstorm makes him lose control and a flying castle appears. Falcon is certain that this is the ancient mysterious castle said by his father to appear once in a while, and can’t wait to see it as he was starting to get bored.

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