Heidern is here!! The King of Fighters 15, badass!

Heidern is the commander of the Ikari Warriors, and issues orders to his adopted daughter Leona and his best soldiers: Ralf Jones, Clark Still and Whip. His official nickname is “General of the Soldiers of Fortune“and, in KOF XV, is “Hard-Boiled Assassin“.

Very calm and silent, Heidern’s personality was built because of the trauma of losing his eye and his family to Rugal. Although he hides his emotions through a veil of professionalism, he cares deeply for all of his subordinates, especially for Leona. Heidern is very strategic, especially when trying to stop a major threat, and has used his group Ikari Warriors to deal with such threats appropriately; he has been known to enlist mercenaries and free agents too.

Outside his sphere of acquaintances, he can be either confrontational, haughty or demanding on the skills of whom he comes up with, and doesn’t mince words to call out what he perceives as inferiority. He’s quick to praise competence and effort in fighting, however. Whenever he faces anyone he has encountered before (ie. acquaintances, allies, employees, subordinates or colleagues) in combat, he is rather respectful and recognizes their will to be strong.

Heidern is not above accepting help from others, even accepting the help and intel contribution of Adelheid Bernstein, the son of his enemy, the late Rugal Bernstein.

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