New fighter announced for Guilty Gear Strive, the name is Happy Chaos.

I could be anything you like, or nothing at all. But… I do exist.
Happy Chaos, Guilty Gear -Strive-

Happy Chaos’s original personality is largely unknown, but he is a man who became overwhelmed by the complete knowledge of the universe, seemingly losing his sanity and becoming an unusually “pure” being. He views the concepts of good and evil as equals values, making him potentially end up causing major incidents or being on the side of justice.

Chaos is an erratic and unpredictable individual, befitting his name. The reason he causes turmoil is due to him loving the “emotional part” of today’s immature culture. As humans pursue efficiency, they become mechanical and “lose emo” once it arrives. Thus, Happy Chaos does his best to always “stir” trouble and cause problems in any sort of way he can without giving a direct answer. This leads to him oftently orchestrate scenarios purely to create drama, for example pitting humans against one another in life or death scenarios, sometimes without consequence.

Though mercurial and seemingly childish, Chaos is actually calculating and highly manipulative, and keenly aware of his own nature and weaknesses. He often plans many steps ahead, and is able to carry out exceptionally complex deceptions, often for little more than his own amusement. Even so, he enjoys taking things slow, enjoying the journey more than the destination, and prefers to devise strategies on the fly rather than to plan everything out ahead of time.

Chaos seems to be fascinated by the notion that things only come into existence when they have a purpose, and currently believes that his purpose is to help I-No achieve godhood by returning her power to her. It is also said that the future Happy Chaos sees is very boring, so he also sticks with her as she seems to be able to manage it.

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