Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Official Poisandra trailer.

65 million years ago, she shot Keeper‘s ship down to Earth and proceeded to celebrate her victory by dancing happily with Wrench. While Fury set out to retrieve the Energems and Wrench continued to check the maintenance of the ship, Sledge and Poisandra argued as she is tired of the attention her fiancée gives to gathering outlaws and asteroids. Some time later, she noted Fury return, seemingly with the Energems in hand. However, a bomb was unveiled which hurled the ship into deep space, save Fury who was accidentally ejected moments before the ship’s cargo of asteroids was let loose, resulting in the K-Pg Extinction, of which the dinosaurs were the most renowned victims

Iceage is then dispatched by Sledge upon his return to retrieve the Energems, only to fail miserably and fall to the newfound might of the Power Rangers Dino Charge.

In present day she appears alongside Sledge as he chastises Fury for neither snagging the Energems nor getting rid of Keeper during the 65 million year interim. The response is to send Scrapper to Earth along with the Vivix, Fury, Wrench, and Poisandra before Sledge showed up personally. While her comrades and servants fought the Dino Charge Rangers, she scurried away for safety.

Throughout the search for the Energems, Sledge clearly doesn’t display the same level of excitement about matrimony that she does despite genuinely caring about her well-being, and is annoyed by her constant whining. As a way of making this up to her, and to keep her off everyone’s backs while they focus on retrieving the Energems, he requests Wrench to create Curio as a gift to her.

Her new companionship, however, only results in the rise of her comrade to the level of general and an increase in her ambition and confidence as she witnesses the defeat of Spellbinder.

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  • In the opening theme song of Power Rangers Dino Charge, Poisandra is seen alongside three other monsters, those being Iceage, Stingrage and Meteor, as Poisandra is one of the major antagonists of that season, this led fans to believe that these three monsters would also be one of the major villains of that season.
  • Poisandra is finally married to Sledge in the second part of the three-part series final episode Edge of Extinction, but they were seemingly destroyed in the third and final part of the three-part series finale episode End of Extinction .
  • She is the first female villain not to turn good in the finale whose Sentai counterpart does. Her counterpart lives to tell the tale and even become the mentor to the future Kyoryugers.
  • She was seen in the background of a cast and crew wrap party picture on the last day of Beast Morphers production, posted by Colby Strong.
  • Like her counterpart Joyful Knight Candelilla, Poisandra is said to be stronger than she looks.
  • Poisandra’s name came from the words Poison and Sandra.

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