Hey!! wow Black Dhalia is finally teased and presented for Skullgirls, 10 years after. And a new trailer for Umbrella too.

Black Dahlia is FINALLY ready to make Skullgirls an offer it can’t refuse

To date, Black Dahlia has only featured as an NPC within the Skullgirls universe, but that does not mean that she hasn’t made her presence fully felt. Rising through the ranks of the Medici crime family, Black Dahlia sits as the left hand of boss Lorenzo Medici, where she operates as both his bodyguard and hired gun. Dahlia is responsible for numerous heinous acts within the Skullgirls timeline, including the killing of The Fishbone Gang, the quartering of Ms. Fortune, and, most horribly of all, the cold-hearted murder of young Sienna Contiello, now resurrected as roster member Squigly.

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