Present Mic is the next My Hero One’s Justice 2 DLC.

Other characters who appeared as DLC in My Hero One’s Justice 2 include Tetsutetsu, Gentle, La Brava, Itsuka, and Mei Hatsume. In the past, Bandai Namco would announce the characters, and then drop a trailer and screenshots later on. More information on Present Mic’s skills and how he will play will appear in the near future.

The next My Hero One’s Justice 2 DLC is here and brings Hizashi “Present Mic” Yamada to the fray. People can get him alone for $3.99. He is also part of the $19.99 Season Pass 2. Bandai Namco revealed he would be on the way at the end of November 2021.


Hizashi maintains the eccentric persona of a radio host. He often poses when he talks and maintains a certain level of excitement or volume regardless of the situation. His attitude made Kyoka Jiro mistake him for a simple announcer rather than an actual Pro Hero.

When in front of a crowd of people, he often attempts to bring his audience up to his level by getting them involved (he sometimes refers to them as his ‘listeners’, even while on a live stage). He will continue to act this way regardless of the crowds’ response. He also has a good people sense, knowing to restrain Shota Aizawa from a crowd of reporters, a situation that could have resulted in widespread negative publicity. He has a great aversion to bugs, to the point where he faints when too many are in his general vicinity. He admits to much preferring urban areas to forested ones.

Though he tends to be a jovial individual, Hizashi is capable of great rage as demonstrated by his reaction to discovering that Kurogiri is a Nomu created from the corpse of his late friend, Oboro Shirakumo and his confrontation with the man responsible, Kyudai Garaki.

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