King of Fighters 15, Krohnen, was revealed at the Game Awards

Krohnen and second beta test revealed for King of Fighters 15

This brand new character appears to be able to manipulate and shapeshift his arm to become a myriad of different weapons including blades, guns, and even a massive machine-like claw. He is also able to manifest fire in some capacity, as we see him ignite his foe with one of his attacks.

He dons what looks like motorcycle riding gear as he wears leather a long sleeved leather jacket, black pants, and red wind shielding glasses. He has a somewhat tattered red cape around his neck, which contrasts nicely with his deep blue hair.

We only get a line or two of dialogue, but he seems to be the kind of young, cocky competitor we’ve seen more than a few times in fighting game history.

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