Just in case, the two trailers of the new faces: Vira and Avatar Belial. (GranBlue Fantasy Versus)

Watch the latest trailer for Granblue Fantasy: Versus and take a look at the character, Vira, in action. Albion Citadel’s Lord Commander, Vira is a skilled tactician and blademaster. Fiercely loyal to Katalina, whom she views as a sister, her tempestuous emotions help her devastate her enemies with the fury of a thousand hurricanes. Granblue Fantasy: Versus – Legendary Edition is available now on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Vira arrives as a DLC character with the release of the Legendary Edition and is available as part of the Legendary Edition or as a separate bundle.

Avatar Belial takes the spotlight in this latest trailer for Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Check it out to see the character in action. Having wrested the Versus Core from Beelzebub and plunged into his own body, Avatar Belial wields the immense powers of a deity with little need for mortal weaponry anymore. Now intoxicated with this newfound power to facilitate his destructive impulses, not even the decay of his mortal body can stop him from obliterating the skies.

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