waifu Dead Apostle Noel is coming as the next DLC in Melty Blood: Type Lumina.

Dead Apostle Noel revealed as Melty Blood: Type Lumina’s first DLC character

While normally unqualified to become a Dead Apostle due to lacking the potential, only reaching Rank II, Dr. Arach was able to artificially induce her transformation into a powerful Rank VI Dead Apostle. As a Dead Apostle, Noel can create large stakes that look more staves that she can throw as projectiles. These stakes can be chained together and used to attack a target with a large number of them at once. She can also summon large numbers of The Dead, often around fifty, to attack her opponents.

Upon being turned by Dr. Arach through the scientist’s experiments through her special drug Idea Replica, Noel also gained the Dead Apostle Ancestor Rita Rozay-en‘s Mystic Eyes of Roses, the world’s most beautiful, most unsightly Mystic Eyes; Rita’s Idea Blood. The eyes allows her create a telepathic connection between herself and her target, allowing her to either attack her target by projecting her traumatic memories into their minds or by sealing the victim’s mind within her own. When activated, her eyes turn to crimson and roses fill her target’s vision. However, as Noel’s Mystic Eyes of Roses are merely a replica of Rita’s, all Ciel needed was enough magical energy to deflect the eyes. It is implied that Dr. Arach’s procedure somehow granted Noel some of Rita Rozay-en’s other abilities, or those of a vampire from her lineage, as she also gains the power to sprout thorny vines from her person.

After having been mortally wounded by Ciel, Noel injects herself with the Idea Replica shot that Arach warned would kill her, causing her body to erupt into a storm of thorny vines that Noel tries to lunge into Ciel.

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