Elisabeth Blanctorche is the 39th fighter added for KOF15. Team Ash is complete, and the base roster too.

Crunchyroll – The King of Fighters XV Trailer Unveils Elisabeth Blanctorche

Elisabeth Blanctorche announced as the final member of The King of Fighters 15’s base roster and Team Ash

The King of Fighters XV hits PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on February 17, 2022.

She is a very serious and strict high class member of nobility. Once she has decided to do something, she’ll do whatever it takes to get it done. Perhaps due to her upbringing, she doesn’t find it urgent to always keep her promised meetings with her teammates of lower stature. Though she is the one who invites them to her dwelling, she arrives tardy and usually denounces them within a few moments of their conversation.

She fondly thinks of Ash as her younger brother, but she has since prepared herself to stop him at any costs. Elisabeth finds condolence with her pleasant, elderly butler, as he is the only one near her who knows the details of her past with Ash.

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