Kurogiri is coming in My Hero One’s Justice 2

Kurogiri DLC Comes to My Hero One’s Justice 2 – Siliconera

Crunchyroll – My Hero One’s Justice 2 Opens a Warp Gate to Add Kurogiri DLC

Kurogiri and his warp abilities have just arrived to MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2 season pass 2! #MHOJ2

Order today: https://t.co/X79gb6LBvb pic.twitter.com/3sgxUmbnYE

— Bandai Namco US (@BandaiNamcoUS) January 27, 2022

Kurogiri has a level-headed personality, which often serves to ground Tomura’s immaturity and temper. He is intensely loyal to both All For One and Tomura, having been created to watch over the latter. As a Nomu, Kurogiri is programmed to only obey commands from a select few and will remain silent towards any attempt to extract compromising information about the League from him.

Kurogiri is very polite and well-spoken even to his enemies, sometimes introducing himself in a formal manner. However, just like his fellow villains of the League, he possesses a truly sinister nature, having no qualms in putting hero students in situations where they would be tortured or killed. At the start of the series, he was often seen tending to a bar in the League of Villains’ first hideout at Kamino, Yokohama.

It remains unknown how much of Oboro’s personality Kurogiri has retained. However, in his conversation with Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada, Kurogiri expresses Oboro’s caring traits, as seen when he would constantly worry about his charge and tried to immediately inquire about his status. Kurogiri himself has stated that he was not at all bothered by Tomura’s personality and simply cared for his well-being, greatly shocking his former classmates on how he still retained this trait.

At the very least, he seems unaware or dismissive of his previous identity, although a small part of Oboro was able to briefly manifest himself thanks to Shota’s efforts.

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