You forgot about Phanton Breaker: Omnia, everyone does .. not me, some news today.

Two new characters: Artifactor and Maestra

Meet Phantom Breaker: Omnia’s new characters: Artifactor and Maestra

Crunchyroll – Phantom Breaker: Omnia Fighter Reveals Two New Characters

Phantom Breaker: Omnia Game’s Trailer Reveals Characters Maestra, Artifactor – News – Anime News Network

Artifactor and Maestra Join Phantom Breaker: Omnia Characters – Siliconera


VA: Yui Nakajima (Japanese), Cassandra Lee Morris (English)

A capricious cosmic architect from a god-like race of beings known as Reverants. One of the original creators of the universe, the so-called ‘Fu-menison Artifacts’ – mystical weapons of great strength – were tools of her design used to construct reality as we know it. She is currently the only known Reverant left in existence.


VA: Mai Sato (Japanese), Xanthe Huynh (English)

She once dwelled in Mikoto’s Fu-mension Artifact, Maestro, until Mikoto’s wish to not fight made her manifest into being. Though naive and a bit clumsy outside of battle, she bravely fights in Mikoto’s stead and loves her mistress dearly. Ever protective, she stays close to Mikoto’s side at all times.

This brings the character roster to 20 playable characters when Phantom Breaker: Omnia hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on March 15. 

Rocket Panda Games describes the story:

A mysterious man, known only as ‘Phantom’ appeared in Tokyo—the capital city of Japan—and manipulated vulnerable adolescents into fighting each other, bestowing upon them mystical weapons of great strength known as ‘Fu-mension Artifacts.’ In exchange, he promised to grant their wish if they survive.

Unbeknownst to the combatants, the fierce clashes between Fu-mension Artifacts caused distortions in space-time, which compromised the boundaries between parallel universes. The collapse of these parallel universes would ultimately break the seal, unleashing Phantom’s destructive powers.

The game will feature 20 characters.

A fail is coming, sadly.

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