Shredder is in Nickelodeon now and with a lot of various fixes.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Shredder update patch notes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain Shredder revealed as Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl’s next DLC character, available now


• Shredder joins the battle!

• New Stage available, Double Dare!

• Added a message that notifies players of when one of their replays is no longer compatible with the current version of the game

• Loading optimizations were applied for the menus on all platforms, menus should load faster. The results vary per platform

• Fixed issue that made incorrect thumbnail image show in arcade mode for the Sweet Dreams stage

• Fixed issue that made rewards not show at the end of Arcade mode when playing with Garfield

• Fixed issue that made the incorrect button prompt appear in the results screen for the save replay functionality

• Changed Garfield’s dialogue box to be a thought bubble in the arcade mode.

• Fixed issue that made the screen flicker sometimes during the matchmaking when opponents changed their skins or characters

• Fixed issue that made the incorrect goal-post assets show in the Sweet Dreams Stage in Sports Mode

• Fixed an issue that made the game get stuck on a “joining game” screen after entering a private lobby password

• We’ve heard people having issues with their controllers mapping getting mixed up when going back to the character select screen. We’re happy to announce that we’ve implemented a controllers profile system that will allow players to assign their specific control mappings to their own specific profile so they won’t get mixed up anymore

• Fixed an issue that made the character select screen appear more than once sometimes in online modes

• There have been updates to the blocking system ,now horizontal attacks can only be blocked if you’re holding a horizontal direction while blocking (Diagonals are considered vertical direction).

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