Teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6

Nothing to say about it, wait for more from Capcom.


Capcom Announces Street Fighter 6 Game – News – Anime News Network

Capcom announces Street Fighter 6 and a fighter collection – Destructoid

Street Fighter 6 announced

Capcom announces next-gen Street Fighter sequel, return to rollback netcode | Ars Technica

Street Fighter 6 Announced With a New Trailer – Siliconera

Street Fighter 6 Officially Announced – IGN

Street Fighter 6 announced with a major Ryu thirst-trap | GamesRadar+

Street Fighter 6 Officially Announced With Debut Ryu Trailer

Capcom says more info for Street Fighter 6 is coming this summer.

Is it in 3D?

Is it more realistic looking like Mortal Kombat?

Is it an exclusive to PS5 and PC?

Will it be a failed launch like the 5th?

4k resolution?

Is the hexagon around the 6 say that it wil be more like a MMA fighting game or is it just 6 sides for, well.. the 6th game?

Flexing muscles will be a mechanic in game?

Every returning characters will be old or we’ll have their kids to play with?

Ryu suddenly has money for sandals? why now?

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