Month: March 2022

Open beta 2 opens this weekend for DnF Duel.

Second DNF Duel beta revealed to be coming this weekend at the end of new Ghostblade trailer

DNF Duel Open Beta 2 Begins in April 2022 – Siliconera

DNF DUEL 2次 PS オープンベターテスト実施!#DNFDuel #OBT #April #DFO #アラド戦記

— DNFDuel (@DNFDuel) March 28, 2022

For the first open beta test, the available characters that could be used were the Inquisitor, Vanguard, Grappler, Berserker, Striker, Hitman, Ranger, Dragon Knight, Kunoichi, and the Crusader.

As of right now, no information about the roster for the second open beta has been revealed. We’ll probably get a larger selection of characters during this second period.

Definitive update for Street Fighter V.

Filters, music and balance changes.

Street Fighter V Definitive Update hits today, bringing beauty and buffs – Destructoid

Street Fighter 5’s Final, Definitive Update Adds Graphics Filters, Balance Changes – GameSpot

Update: Street Fighter 5’s Definitive Update is now available


Combo Counts

• Combo Count Start Value
1. The numerical value used to indicate when an air combo starts from a particular move.
2. The smaller a move’s combo start value is, the easier it is for that move to begin an air combo, and vice-versa.

• Combo Count Gain
1. A numerical value that increases when a move is incorporated into an air combo.
2. The smaller a move’s combo start gain is, the easier it is for that move to begin an air combo, and vice-versa.

• Combo-Count Limit
1. A numerical value used to determine up to which point a move can land in an air combo.
2. The larger the combo-count limit a move has, the easier that move can be incorporated into a combo.

• Normal Backward/Forward Throw Priority
1. Currently fixing an issue that occurs during normal throws where inputting a direction opposite to the direction you wish to throw an opponent
2. 1F before the button input causes you to not throw the opponent in the intended direction.

• Adjustment of Mid-Air Combo Difficulty in the Corner
1. When using forward-moving follow-up attacks against opponents knocked back in mid-air at the edge of the screen, there were some cases where attacks would pass through the opponent and miss.
2. Since this made the difficulty of air combos performed at the edge of the screen unintentionally high, some moves were adjusted so that they don’t pass through opponents when performed as part of air combos at the edge of the screen.
3. For more on relevant moves, please refer to each character’s command list.

• Game Behavior When Absorbing an Opponent’s Guard-Break Technique with a Move
1. Fixed an issue where the guard break scaling value was added to the damage incurred when attacked while absorbing an opponent’s guard break technique with a move.


Street Fighter 5 Definitive Update patch notes

and some news for the Capcom Tour too..

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special is coming.

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Covers Shared – Siliconera

Street Fighter – UDON Entertainment

UDON is bringing sexy back with their newly revealed Street Fighter Swimsuit Special covers

Don’t forget the blank one!!

The A and B cover options for the new Street Fighter Swimsuit Special are also the cheapest that are going to be available at only $5 USD with the former featuring art of Karin in her official swimwear being carried on a chair on top of a surfboard by Ryu and Blanka, which was drawn by artist Norasuko.

Cover B by Ryan Kinnaird showcases Menat and Elena in skimpy beach attire that doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination.

Those willing to spend a bit more can pick up the special Incentive Cover by Panzer featuring Ryu and Ken pulling Dan from the ocean in his Blanka-chan flotation device for $20.

As for the online exclusive variants, there’s also the Bride Laura cover by Reiq ready for her beach wedding for $20 as well.

There’s a limited edition Golden Bride Laura too for $50 with only 150 copies being produced.

For those who want to make their own or potentially hide what they’ve purchased, a blank sketch cover will be sold for $6 also.

Show some love for Skullgirls 2nd Encore and this Umbrella Palette and Voice Pack.

The girl ..
.. and her music!

She is somewhat of a carefree, albeit spoiled child.

Hungern prefers spicy food.

  • During the IndieGoGo campaign, the art team consistently drew a very disgruntled Umbrella in pictures about DLC. This is a reference to the fact she was snubbed as a first-round DLC character by Big Band.
  • In one of the concept art images of Umbrella’s moveset she is seen saying “Is Umbrella gonna have to choke a bitch?” this is a reference to Wayne Brady’s line from The Chappelle Show.
    • This was also referenced in her trailer, albeit worded differently.
  • Umbrella is seen dancing with Adam in the background of the Glass Canopy stage.
  • In a drawing stream, one of her moves looks like Venom’s Venom Fang.
  • Umbrella’s level 1 Blockbuster Retina Reflector references Urien and his special move Aegis Reflector from the Street Fighter games.
  • Umbrella’s hurt animations show Hungern taking the attack just like Rachel Alucard from Blazblue. Him falling down just shows her getting tired since Hungren is the one taking all the attacks.
  • A small attention to detail in one of Umbrella’s intros is when she feeds Hungern ice cream and the hunger meter rises in a small proportion.
  • If the 30th palette, being Marie’s palette (or at least a palette where Umbrella IS the Skullgirl) is paired with the Skullgirl Voice Pack :
    • Most of Umbrella attacks will spew skeleton parts (similar to Valentine’s time-out)
    • A Skeleton will spawn in front of a defeated Umbrella for crying with her
    • Along other possible things !

King of Fighters ALLSTAR X Street Fighter is going on with the official introduction of Luke and Akuma.

KOF ALLSTAR X Street Fighter V – Netmarble


M.Bison and Akuma coming soon!!

You open your eyes and find yourself in a strange place with all of your memories gone.
In order to regain your memories, you enter into the world’s greatest fighting tournament.

Simple Controls
Ultimate Fighting Experience

Experience high-impact action
like in the original games.

Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable 3

0:00 Intro

3:45 Index

5:12 “F2P in Fighting Games”

17:26 “The advantages and difficulties of 2D and 3D fighting games”

30:53 “How do other companies see ○○○?”

49:30 “Favorite numbering and characters from other companies’ titles”

1:01:20 “What are the genres of titles other than fighting games that you are interested in?”

1:11:55 “Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable Vision for Offline Events”

1:20:55 Break time

1:26:43 “Treasure appraisal team battle”

1:58:42 SNK Announcement (Omega Rugal free DLC + SEASON PASS + a book from Bitmaps!!! 544 pages of pleasure.

2:02:38 Bandai Namco Announcement (Tekken: Bloodline)

2:08:05 Arika Announcement (New Netcode Coming to Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash in April)

2:10:05 Arc System Works Announcement (Testament)

2:19:21 Sega Announcement (Virtua Fighter X Tekken collab skins)

2:25:17 Capcom Annoucement (no SF6)

2:30:23 Final Thoughts

RIP: Omega Rugal is coming for free in KOF 15.

Omega Rugal announced as free DLC for The King of Fighters 15

The King of Fighters XV free DLC character Omega Rugal launches April 14 alongside new game mode – Gematsu

It’s all over: The notorious Omega Rugal joins The King of Fighters XV in April – Destructoid

Beat him in boss mode to unlock a new skin.. good luck!!

In KOF ’95, Omega Rugal retains almost the same moveset from his original version in ’94, however, most of his normal and special moves gained a lot more priority and damage. His Dark Barrier, not unlike several reflectors of its nature, nowobtains a hitbox besides its usual projectile bounce property and incredibly fast recovery, becoming one of his cheapest methods to win. In spite of being a final boss character, he’s playable by a code, however, and his boss properties never got toned down for competitive gameplay. His infamous Genocide Cutter‘s damage ratio has barely changed as well. Also in this form, he eventually gains his very first legitimate Desperation Move, the Gigantic Pressure, a stronger version of his God Press that causes the iconic Orochi skull pillar to emerge as Rugal slams his opponent to the corner, and resembles Mature’s Heaven’s Gate. Said DM also eventually becomes Rugal’s initial DM for all of his incarnations.

In KOF ’98, his moveset was changed via most of his special moves, and he lacks his normal version’s Dead End Screamer DM, but gains two new ones: the Rugal Execution and the Destruction Omega. The former is where he injects his hand into opponent to overload them with green fire, and the latter is a pummeling combo after a grab ending in his Genocide Cutter (which ironically may miss if he’s too close to his opponent). He only retained his Dark Barrier move from the original version of Rugal. His Genocide Cutter (now dubbed Dark Genocide) gains a second launching kick (with his alternate leg) with its priority and damage increased. He lacks his Reppuuken, Kaiser Wave and God Press special moves, and instead gained a new projectile: a chargeable projectile called the Gravity Smash (which can also be done in midair and bears strong resemblance to the Kaiser Wave), and a rushing multi-hitting attack named Vanishing Rush (which despite its appearance does not render him completely invincible). He’s only playable in the console versions of KOF ’98, and most of his moves have increased properties in ’98 UM. Also, all of his DM’s are oddly grab attacks that can be blocked in this version.

In KOF 2002, he returns to his classic moveset, but with even more power and speed (as well as more cybernetic outfitting in much of his artwork for that specific version). His standard Kaiser Wave travels extremely fast with notably quick start-up, and by holding the punch button during the motion, he can charge up the move for two versions of the projectile, the Divine Arrow (used by Igniz and even in this incarnation, shares the same voice actor as him) and his classic Gravity Smash, the last one becoming an unblockable projectile. His Genocide Cutter retains his ’98 values using the B button, but his D button performs a third downward overhead kick. Gained a new move dubbed Beads Destruction which is a barrage of kicks that juggles opponents in the third hit, while the D version performs a downward chop as a fourth attack. His Hidden Desperation Move/MAX2 DM is the Kaiser Phoenix, which is a barrage of randomly generated versions of Kaiser Waves, Divine Arrows and Gravity Smashes. He also retains his Gigantic Pressure and Destruction Omega DM’s, and is only playable in console versions.

The home version of KOF Neowave features him as a playable character, but he’s drastically toned down in comparison with his 2002 version. However, his 2002 UM incarnation brings him back up to boss status with several more properties on his moves, and the ability for his Kaiser Phoenix to hit OTG at the cost of its original damage output.

The 2002, Neowave and 2002 UM versions are also infamous for the Kaiser Wave‘s ability to possess a hitbox behind Rugal while he is charging the attack, allowing people who roll past him to be punished. Timing this trick right can allow Rugal, via a bug, to detach the fully-charged projectile behind himself, catching his opponent with it and instantly draining their HP to zero in one go.