Big hype then nothing, and today there’s a new trailer character for DNF duel.

New Ghostblade DNF Duel gameplay trailer released

Ghostblade is a New Character for DNF Duel | DashFight

Ghostblade – DFO World Wiki

here in DNF Duel
here in DFO

The Slayers are the swordsmen doomed with the Ghost Arm.
They each resist their curse in their own way, but in the end, they all meet the same fate: death.

But sometimes, a miracle happens to a dying Slayer.

The Ghostman Syndrome.
A ghost would enter his body while it’s in stasis between life and death, sharing the body with his own soul.
Those who got caught up in such a bizarre twist of destiny become neither alive nor dead.

Their body would turn ash gray with their Ghost Arm looking just as faded.
They look as ghastly as a ghost, with no trace of life left in them. But still they would go on, swinging their swords. They’re called the Ghostblades.

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