Team GAROU is available in KOF 15 now.

Rock Howard | SNK Wiki | Fandom

Rock is a shy young man with an inner struggle. Usually as a bit of a gag, he’s often nervous around women, especially those older than him, with the exception of Hotaru Futaba (for being kind and compassionate with him). He is also a childhood friend of Kim Kaphwan‘s sons, Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Hwan.

He is shy with women as aforementioned due to being around men throughout most of his early life as Terry was raising him, though in a more serious case of his insecurities, every day Rock fights off his evil side in order not to succumb to it, and tries to get out of the shadow of his father. He often decries the evil blood in him, which intensifies whenever he uses stronger energy-based attacks, which in some cases causes him pain. He is not proud of his heritage and refuses to refer to Geese as his father, stating him to be “that man” or “that person”.

He is the “middle ground” between Geese’s excessive evil and Terry’s excessive festive personality. Rock is also very compassionate, offering to help those in need (he offered to help Hotaru find her brother). Another notable foil that sets them apart is that in most of his battle quotes, Rock when speaking in the Japanese script has more usage of clear Japanese compared to both Terry and Geese’s English.

B. Jenet | SNK Wiki | Fandom

The daughter of a very wealthy family, Jenet found the luxurious life tedious, so she ran away from home to form a band of pirates called the Lillien Knights. A cheerful extrovert, Jenet is vivacious and very self-assured. She is usually friendly, even to her opponents. She is very ambitious about money, however, and is seen growing angry at the Lillien Knights in her Garou ending when they fail to secure treasure she wanted. (Their reaction to her anger is abject terror.) She is very confident and is particularly comfortable around men, which is understandable since she is much more powerful fighter than the average person. As such, her relationship with her Lillien Knights is of pure dominance.

In Team Garou’s official backstory for The King of Fighters XV, Rock Howard notes that when he’s met Jenet she “didn’t seem like a bad person [but] not exactly a good person either.”

Gato | SNK Wiki | Fandom

Ever since his family was shattered with his father murdering his mother, Gato has become ruthless and very serious; he grunts a lot. He cruelly looks down on others and rarely shows respect for them. Even so, he softens slightly before Hotaru’s presence, a possible hint that she is indeed his younger sister, and that his callous and placid coldness may be just a front to prevent her from being dragged into danger by association. Further proving this is indirect and subtle actions he has done, such as accepting Geese’s offer to join with Billy and Yamazaki to prevent Hotaru from being harmed.

Despite this, he is shown to hate others more evil than him even more, and when it comes to those who treat him civilly, Gato merely keeps to himself and often may leave to tend to his own matters without a word, not wanting to involve anyone into his own dangerous affairs.

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