ArcSys announces the World Arc Tour 2022, a second season pass for GG -Strive- and .. Testament!!!!!! Damn.

Guilty Gear Testament Gender And Story Explained

Testament Returns In Guilty Gear Strive With Second Season Of Characters Coming Later – Game Informer

Testament announced for Guilty Gear Strive

『ギルティギア ストライヴ』流麗なる死神“テスタメント”が参戦決定。新バトルステージ、新モード、新規ストーリーの情報も明らかに | ゲーム・エンタメ最新情報のファミ通.com

GUILTY GEAR OFFICIAL sur Twitter : “【お知らせ】 『GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-』DLCキャラクター第5弾「#テスタメント」が3月28日(月)より参戦! キャラクタートレーラー映像を公開しました! ▼ご視聴はこちら #GGST #ギルティギア” / Twitter

Guilty Gear: Strive DLC character Testament launches March 28 alongside new stage and Digital Figure mode – Gematsu

「GUILTY GEAR ‐STRIVE‐」,新規プレイアブルキャラクター“テスタメント”参戦。鎌によるリーチの長い攻撃と使い魔による遠距離攻撃が得意技

Guilty Gear Strive Reveals Final DLC Character, Announces Season 2 Pass – IGN

Testament first appeared in the original Guilty Gear on PlayStation 1 in 1998 as the penultimate boss, and was originally a villain planning to resurrect Justice. Testament is a recurrent, iconic character of the series since then. However, Testament wasn’t playable in GG Xrd, so this GGST DLC announcement is a big return for older fans of the series. Testament specializes in long-reach attacks by wielding a scythe, and in long-range attacks with familiars.

Testament was once human, before being surgically modified into a Gear.

Under the control of the Conclave, they worked to revive Justice. After the events of the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament, however, they regained their sense of self. Feeling guilty, they hid in the Forest of Demons, before resolving to protect the half-Gear Dizzy from the humans who pursued her. Although this began as a way to atone for their sins, it ended up bringing back their human sensibility.

They now live with the elderly couple who once took care of Dizzy. This new life has brought them peace of mind, and they now enjoy their share of happiness.

Oh four new characters are coming too and a new stage..

Arc World Tour 2022 announced – Gematsu

Crossplay and 4 new characters are coming to Guilty Gear Strive for Season 2, story expansion launches in April

Players will compete in the Arc System Works-developed titles Guilty Gear: Strive and DNF DUEL for $100,000, for a total sum of $200,000 for the global competition.

nothing special more than that, wait and see.

The developers also announced that cross-platform play will soon be coming to Guilty Gear Strive as well as 4 more characters in Season 2.

At the same time, ArcSys confirmed Strive’s first story expansion is scheduled to release in late April and will focus on the characters who didn’t appear in the main story mode like May, Faust and Ramlethal. The new feature will be titled ‘Another Story.’

GGST Season Pass 1 additional content “Another Story” will be delivered in late April!
Many characters that did not appear in the main story have appeared!
Please look forward to it ✨#GuiltyGearStrive— ArcSystemWorks ➡️ #GuiltyGearStrive available now! (@ArcSystemWorksU) March 20, 2022

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