Nothing and suddenly a release date, a new fighter announced and an other one teased for DNF DUEL.

While much of the brief display focused on gameplay from the previously shown Ghostblade, ArcSys does leave us with the stinger of the Female Mechanic class joining the roster too in explosive fashion.

Female Mechanic aka Gunner.

DNF Duel Releases This June, New Characters Teased – Game Informer

Female Mechanic – DFO World Wiki

Female Mechanic revealed for DNF Duel and release date announced, included as part of Arc World Tour 2022

The cold metallic body of a deadly mechanical device… caressed by the soft warmth of a feminine hand.

Through the ages, Empyrean women have played an important role in the field of mechanics. In fact, three of the seven Machinists were female. Female Mechanics have developed a technology unique from—and more practical than—that of their male counterparts.

Mechanical engineering involves a lot of handiwork, and the families that have produced famous Mechanics usually own their own crafting technology. Among them are the Curios; descended from a member of the Seven Meisters, the Kitzkas that have produced many great female Gunners including Mechanics, and the Richters; well-known for their strict training and unique technology. Since most women in Empyrean are better with their hands than men, these families are predominantly known for their female members. Empyrean’s greatest research group and facility, Seven Shards, also includes several female Mechanics.

DNF DUEL will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on June 28, publisher Nexon and developers Neople, Arc System Works, and Eighting announced.

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