Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable 3

0:00 Intro

3:45 Index

5:12 “F2P in Fighting Games”

17:26 “The advantages and difficulties of 2D and 3D fighting games”

30:53 “How do other companies see ○○○?”

49:30 “Favorite numbering and characters from other companies’ titles”

1:01:20 “What are the genres of titles other than fighting games that you are interested in?”

1:11:55 “Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable Vision for Offline Events”

1:20:55 Break time

1:26:43 “Treasure appraisal team battle”

1:58:42 SNK Announcement (Omega Rugal free DLC + SEASON PASS + a book from Bitmaps!!! 544 pages of pleasure.

2:02:38 Bandai Namco Announcement (Tekken: Bloodline)

2:08:05 Arika Announcement (New Netcode Coming to Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash in April)

2:10:05 Arc System Works Announcement (Testament)

2:19:21 Sega Announcement (Virtua Fighter X Tekken collab skins)

2:25:17 Capcom Annoucement (no SF6)

2:30:23 Final Thoughts

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