2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special is coming.

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Covers Shared – Siliconera

Street Fighter – UDON Entertainment

UDON is bringing sexy back with their newly revealed Street Fighter Swimsuit Special covers

Don’t forget the blank one!!

The A and B cover options for the new Street Fighter Swimsuit Special are also the cheapest that are going to be available at only $5 USD with the former featuring art of Karin in her official swimwear being carried on a chair on top of a surfboard by Ryu and Blanka, which was drawn by artist Norasuko.

Cover B by Ryan Kinnaird showcases Menat and Elena in skimpy beach attire that doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination.

Those willing to spend a bit more can pick up the special Incentive Cover by Panzer featuring Ryu and Ken pulling Dan from the ocean in his Blanka-chan flotation device for $20.

As for the online exclusive variants, there’s also the Bride Laura cover by Reiq ready for her beach wedding for $20 as well.

There’s a limited edition Golden Bride Laura too for $50 with only 150 copies being produced.

For those who want to make their own or potentially hide what they’ve purchased, a blank sketch cover will be sold for $6 also.

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